Hosted Buyer Testimonials

Buyer from Ashrai AssociatesI would like to thank BLTM for inviting me as a hosted buyer. We do a lot of conferences and events so this was a very nice opportunity for us to interact with all the different businesses, hoteliers and tourism departments. Our interactions with the sellers have been really positive and hopefully we can convert them into business deals.
Buyer from Ashrai Associates
Buyer from Lonely Planet India Pvt LtdAs a first edition of BLTM, the show has been very promising and we were able to meet a lot of interesting partners with whom we were able to set up great meetings out here. These meetings were very much beneficial for us. The quality of the sellers was great and it did meet all my expectations. BLTM was great opportunity to take benefit from and overall was a fantastic show.
Buyer from Lonely Planet India Pvt Ltd
Buyer from Circuit Privé En Inde, FranceI had a nice experience at BLTM. I had very interesting meetings with the sellers at the event. The sellers were quite cordial and friendly and offered unique packages. I wish good luck to BLTM.
Buyer from Circuit Privé En Inde, France
Buyer from Nilex HolidaysThe atmosphere and the environment of BLTM was very positive and the sellers were very supportive in providing all the necessary information. The show was able to meet all my requirements. I am very thankful to Fairfest Media for its continuous support and look forward to more of BLTM in the future.
Buyer from Nilex Holidays
Buyer from APAR Industries LtdThe platform we got in BLTM was really nice where we get to know so many high quality sellers. It is a common platform where the buyers can meet the sellers and do fruitful meetings. The meeting diary and the onsite meetings was also a great experience for me. Overall the response was very good and I was very happy to be there.
Buyer from APAR Industries Ltd
Buyer from SSR HolidaysBLTM was a very good event and we got to meet a lot of luxury hotel chains and good car rental companies, which we have not been able to meet in past events, so we are very satisfied. The meeting were very fruitful as we got to spent more time with the sellers thus it was very productive for us. It’s been a good show and we expect more sellers in BLTM next year.
Buyer from SSR Holidays
Buyer from GlobalcynergiesBLTM was beneficial for us because we got a chance to meet a number of sellers from different brands. I think the show was a great platform for MICE and leisure businesses. It was something unique which I have not found in any other events or travel shows, so I am looking forward to this event again in the future.
Buyer from Globalcynergies
Buyer from Gammon Infrastructure Projects LtdThe organising team has done a great job with BLTM. The sellers that I interacted with were fantastic and I got to meet the domestic hotels, international airlines and the tourism department all in one place. I was very impressed with the way BLTM conducted its sessions and would definitely recommend it to others.
Buyer from Gammon Infrastructure Projects Ltd
Buyer from Yash Raj FilmsBLTM was a great platform to meet a lot of travel agents, hoteliers, film commissions and representatives of various countries. So it was a very good experience as we got to meet everybody under one roof and interact with them. The organising team did a great job and I would definitely recommend it others.
Buyer from Yash Raj Films
Buyer from Youdian Business Solutions Pvt LtdBLTM was the first of a kind show, where I saw such a prominent focus on MICE and the quality of sellers that I have met has been really good. The interactions were really positive and with few we were able to finalise a couple of major deals. BLTM was a good initiative and I believe with time the show will grow to be even better.
Buyer from Youdian Business Solutions Pvt Ltd
Buyer from Mulberry Tours Pvt LtdWe have attended a lot of trade fairs but BLTM was unique since it was specifically designed for luxury travel. The crowd here consisted of serious buyers and sellers which would definitely be helpful for our business. Overall the event has been very fruitful for us.
Buyer from Mulberry Tours Pvt Ltd
Buyer from Dharma Productions Pvt LtdThis was my first visit to such kind of an event. BLTM was a very well organised show. It was very well represented by all sectors of service providers and for us as film producers, it was a great opportunity to connect with them one on one basis and establish a relationship which we hope to leverage in the future. We were very happy to be a part of such a show like BLTM.
Buyer from Dharma Productions Pvt Ltd
Buyer from Prime Link TravelsBLTM has been very beneficial as it has provided the perfect platform for us to interact with sellers face to face. It was one of the finest travel marts that I attended and would definitely recommend it to others since it was a genuine luxury travel mart. BLTM surpassed my expectations.
Buyer from Prime Link Travels
Buyer from Ananta Hotels and ResortsBLTM was a great event where I got a chance to meet people from the industry. The Fairfest Media team did an excellent job of organising this and I hope BLTM grows to be a bigger show next year with more buyers and sellers.
Buyer from Ananta Hotels and Resorts
Buyer from Club VacationBLTM was a great platform to do business with all the good quality sellers. This show will definitely help to improve the business of the travel agents and the associations. The meetings were very fruitful as there was a good mix of national and international sellers. As a first show, BLTM was an amazing platform and I will surely recommend this to others as well.
Buyer from Club Vacation
Buyer from Skyworld Tours and Travels Pvt LtdBLTM has done a good job setting itself apart from other similar shows. The footfall had been really good and the sellers surpassed my expectations. It was nice to see senior officials attending the event, as we got to interact face to face. I am confident that the connection that I have made in BLTM would definitely be beneficial for our company.
Buyer from Skyworld Tours and Travels Pvt Ltd
Buyer from StarclinchBLTM was pretty beneficial for us as we got to discuss some serious business during the event. I think what you were trying with the new format was very professional and overall I thought BLTM provided a great platform for the one on one interaction. I would definitely recommend BLTM to anyone looking to talk business.
Buyer from Starclinch
Buyer from Pioneer InvestcorpBLTM was really beneficial for me and has met my expectation above and beyond. The interactions with the sellers were very positive and the meetings have been really useful. Overall, the quality of BLTM was far better than any other show that I have attended and would definitely visit again next year.
Buyer from Pioneer Investcorp
Buyer from STHI Holidays India Pvt LtdThere were a lot of tourism boards in BLTM, along with a number of luxury hotels. So it was the perfect platform for me to conduct the one on one meeting. I did around 35 meetings in one day. Overall I think BLTM has been very fruitful for us and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for serious B2B integrations.
Buyer from STHI Holidays India Pvt Ltd
Buyer from Yashoda Tours & TravelsAs I came to BLTM I learned a lot and got a very good response. This was one of the best experiences as I got the opportunity to interact one to one with the sellers. I will earn a lot from this learning and I was very happy to be there.
Buyer from Yashoda Tours & Travels
Buyer from Sterling HospitalsI would like to thank BLTM for inviting me as a hosted buyer. The event was very useful for us as we got to directly meet the corporate buyers, hoteliers and other suppliers, all under one roof. The meetings were very fruitful and hopefully would be beneficial for us in the long run. I wish all the best to BLTM and its organising team.
Buyer from Sterling Hospitals
Buyer from LifestyleBLTM was a real eye opener for me. I would have missed out on a good show if I had not attended. The quality of sellers was really good and I was able to achieve what I set out for. It was a first of kind show in India, so I appreciate the efforts of the organisers for putting on such a great show.
Buyer from Lifestyle
Buyer from Vyas HolidaysBLTM was a good experience for me and was quite different from other trade fairs because we got plenty of time to discuss the different products in a much more focused manner. The sellers met my expectation and the meetings were very productive. Overall BLTM was a good platform and I would surely like to visit again.
Buyer from Vyas Holidays
Buyer from Pearl TravelsBLTM was a really good event for the inbound tourism market and I got to meet a number of hoteliers and travel agents. There were a lot of domestic buyers which was really good. The organisers did a commendable job to bring the show in fruition and I was really impressed with the format, which I had not seen in any other similar shows before.
Buyer from Pearl Travels
Buyer from Assets InfotechBLTM brought together a lot of destinations and service providers under one umbrella. I met a lot of hoteliers and was quite impressed with the quality of the sellers. We are already in talks for closing some important deals. I would definitely recommend BLTM to other people.
Buyer from Assets Infotech
Buyer from Shreeram TravelsI had a wonderful experience at BLTM. This was my first visit to such kind of a show. The meetings over the two days proved to be very beneficial to me.
Buyer from Shreeram Travels
Buyer from Viacom 18 Motion PicturesBLTM proved to be a good platform for networking. We could gather a lot of information about the market. We also got introduced to some unique products. The sellers were very accommodating and open to collating information for us.
Buyer from Viacom 18 Motion Pictures
Buyer from Universal Express Travel and Tours Pvt LtdMy visit to BLTM paid off as I met a lot of new vendors and DMCs which will in turn help us in our growth. I received very valuable information from the sellers, especially in terms of revenue. I am sure BLTM will grow and be more beneficial for buyers like us. BLTM could be hosted in the four major metropolitans.
Buyer from Universal Express Travel and Tours Pvt Ltd
Buyer from Dream VacationBLTM was a pretty good experience and the participation is encouraging. The sellers did meet our expectations, the meetings were quite effective. The format of the on-site appointment request session was the right thing to do. Besides, the arrangement and hospitality was impressive. BLTM was a good platform and I would definitely recommend it to others.
Buyer from Dream Vacation
Buyer from Veena WorldBLTM was an excellent opportunity and I am happy that I participated in the show. Over the two days, we had good, productive meetings with the sellers, without any interference or deviation. People at the show were quite serious and were looking forward to proper business.
Buyer from Veena World
Buyer from D-Link India LtdBLTM had been great for me as I got to meet a number of sellers from this event. It has provided me the exposure that I wouldn’t have got anywhere else and the interaction that I had with travel agents, hoteliers and the tourism departments was invaluable. I extend my best wishes to the BLTM team and look forward to attending the show next year.
Buyer from D-Link India Ltd
Buyer from Bel Travel and ToursThis was my first time attending a show like BLTM, which I found was very focused in providing the different types of products. The quality of the sellers was very good and was quiet comfortable for us to find the products that we were looking for. I definitely recommend BLTM to others especially for those who are looking for the MICE market and the leisure market.
Buyer from Bel Travel and Tours
Buyer from AlkemI want to thank the organising team of BLTM for inviting me to this event. During these two days I was able to conduct numerous meetings which were beneficial to me. The sellers that I met were excellent and were very cooperative in providing me with opportunities based on my requirements. I would definitely recommend BLTM to other as it’s a great platform for serious B2B interactions.
Buyer from Alkem
Buyer from EssarThe organisers did a good job with the first edition of BLTM and I got to meet a number of the hoteliers and DMCs during this two day event. It was a good platform where I also got chance to interact with the peers from the MICE industry. Overall BLTM was a great event and I would recommend it all corporate buyers.
Buyer from Essar
Buyer from Radio City 91.1 FMBLTM was good event for me as I got a chance to interact with domestic hotels and travels agents. The quality of sellers was really good and I was quite impressed. Overall this was a well organised event where I was able to do a lot for networking. I thank the organisers for such a smooth show and look forward to the next edition of BLTM.
Buyer from Radio City 91.1 FM

Sellers' Testimonials

SUBHASH GOYALOn behalf of all the associations I am associated with, I would like to congratulate Fairfest Media for organising the BLTM show. It was a very good initiative and the choice of venue was also very good as it was near all the corporate houses. I am sure in the years to come it would become very successful and will be an important event in the tourism fairs and exhibitions of northern India.
Chairman, STIC Travel Group
KONSTANTIN SMIRNOVWe heard a growing demand for luxury travel in India and BLTM is the perfect place for us. We also had a lot of interactive meetings with the buyers who came from the MICE and luxury industry, wedding planners and event organisers. MICE and luxury industry is growing in the world and with the launch of this kind of event, it surely is an added benefit for us. We are very likely to participate in the coming BLTMs als50o.
Chief Commercial Officer, Running on Waves Ltd
SUMAN JULKABLTM was an excellent show and we are honoured that the organisers of BLTM collaborated with us. I am glad that we could put up this great show together. I was also able to be a part of the panel discussion on destination weddings because India as a destination really needs to be promoted and we all need to work together on a common platform to get it to the next level. We look forward to organising BLTM next year as well.
Director of Sales & Marketing, Hyatt Regency Gurgaon
FAROOQ A SHAH, IASBLTM is itself an inventory and this will be a big platform in near future. BLTM got a very good response in its first edition and I am quite hopeful that this will be a big platform for MICE and golf industry in near future. We received some serious visitors coming to our stall and with this success I wish BLTM all the luck for the coming years also.
Secretary Tourism, Government of Jammu & Kashmir
JITENDRA K MOHANTYGetting all the corporate, tour operators to meet the hoteliers of India is a very novel idea. I think this first show of BLTM was definitely a success and if it happens again next year it would definitely be a roaring success. In two-days, we did over 50 meetings with the high-quality buyers here.
Chairman & Managing Director, Swosti Group
NITHEESH KRISHNAN BLTM is a great platform where we met a lot of clients who wants to do business with us. The quality of the buyers here are also quite satisfactory and we did some good meetings with them. We feel that corporate travel is emerging in this exhibition and we would like to continue to participate in BLTM in the coming year also.
Chief Brand Officer, Akbar Holidays
ADITYA LOOMBABLTM was a great show with exceptional quality of planning, meetings calendar and the BLTM app was also very useful. I think this show was very developed and I have not seen anything similar in any other events in India. It made it very easy for the sellers to connect with the buyers. I hope BLTM grows from strength to strength and we would continue to participate.
Director, Eco Rent A Car
TIAN XINBLTM gave a deep impression as it was a very professional show and very efficiently organised with high-quality buyers. The meetings I had with the buyers were very useful. BLTM was a very good platform to promote China Tourism as the organisers have arranged so many high-quality buyers so I think this show is also very helpful for tourism promotion.
Director, China National Tourist Office- New Delhi
MANISH KUMARWe got a fabulous response here in BLTM and I have been associated with Fairfest Media since 1999. We had great experience meeting the buyers who were from different industries including wedding planners. BLTM was a focused show and we were very glad to be here. Next year we will be participating for sure.
General Manager - Sales & Marketing, Manu Maharani Hotels Ltd
NOEL SAXENAThis was the first fair I attended in terms of back to back meetings which were quite fruitful. The start for BLTM was really amazing and buyers there were quite satisfactory. We did more than 42 meetings and out of this 85% were really fruitful. BLTM was an amazing show and it will go a long way. We would surely come back to BLTM again next year.
Country Head, Taiwan Tourism Bureau, Representation Office in India
DEEPAK RAJ JOSHIBLTM is a focused and very nice platform to showcase tourism products. I found BLTM to have exceeded my expectations as we got around 80-90% appointments that were fixed earlier and very encouraging response about Nepal. The quality of the buyers was really good and the meetings I did with them were really fruitful. Keep up the good work and we will definitely come back next year also.
Chief Executive Officer, Nepal Tourism Board
VAIJAYANTHI KARIThe format of BLTM was really nice and useful and it gave us the opportunity to reach out to a wider audience. The entire stall set up allowed every seller to showcase their products to the buyers there. The format was beautifully organised and there were really good quality buyers. I met a lot of people who showed definitive interest in Fiji and I am sure that this will gain some good results for us. I really look forward to participate in the next BLTM as well.
India Representative, Tourism Fiji
ALPA JANIAs the first edition of BLTM, it was a fantastic show. I actually crossed the amount of meetings that I had planned initially. The quality of the buyers was fabulous. BLTM had a very good mix of buyers for those who are looking at films, there were corporate also and agents doing leisure and MICE. The amount of information shared both ways was really valuable. With this success, I definitely plan to come back next year.
Manager - Trade Relations, South African Tourism
SANDEEP DUTTAAs a first show, I am fairly satisfied with the event. The organisers have pulled together a good collection of buyers as well as sellers. We completed 90% of our scheduled meetings and we also had a lot of walk-ins at our stall. Our overall appointments were double than what we had foreseen in our online meeting schedule. We would definitely like to see BLTM happening in other cities so that we can participate there also.
Marketing Manager - India, Korea Tourism Organisation
TRIDIB GHOSHBLTM was a fantastic initiative. It is extremely important that we have a B2B show because when people come and invest for two-three days, they really look at some tangible benefits to carry and then convert them into business. In two days, we met more than 20-25 top decision makers. I will be very happy if they can keep on doing this every year and look at getting more and more of qualified buyers.
Vice President Sales and Marketing, Pride Hotels & Resorts
NAVEEN SHARMAIn BLTM, the quality of meetings that we had done was very fruitful and we were able to do 35 meetings a day. The best part of BLTM was the balance between the corporate and the travel fraternity. Everything was done in a very planned and efficient manner. I think it made absolute sense for a company like us to be here and we will keep on participating in BLTM for sure.
Director-National Sales, Clarks Group of Hotels
NILAY SARANThe experience at BLTM was fantastic and we got more than satisfactory response. Our appointments were very good and we were jam-packed with meetings. All the appointments we got were potential clients and I had never seen something like this where the buyers have been so well filtered. For next year, we have already given our confirmation and we are open to partnering with BLTM on a long term basis.
Group Director of Sales and Marketing, The Chancery Hotels
BARUN GUPTABLTM was a fantastic show while getting the business and the luxury set of customers at the same platform. The buyers were rightly chosen by the BLTM team and I had a great feedback from my team. The BLTM app was a very good initiative and it really helped us in terms of getting the right set of buyers, fixing up the appointments. Next year surely we are coming back.
Account Director (Global Sales), Starwood Sales Organisation
SUNEEL RAWATBLTM was a very good initiative and probably the first of its type. We met very good travel agents and corporate. The forum was much focused and we were very happy with the feedback and the positive response. The online meeting diary was also very useful. The buyers I received were very good quality and relevant people who are the decision makers of the company. We look forward to participate in the coming BLTM also.
General Manager-Sales & Marketing, White Meadows by Mahindra Holidays
RAJESH NAMBIARBLTM is a focused show with a very good mix of B2B buyers from the corporate as well as agents. The good part is that we came here with a lot of pre-fixed meetings and that has helped us optimise our time. In terms of organising, everything had been fine and it was easy to move around for people and locate the stalls. We have more expectations from BLTM and we definitely plan to come back next year also.
Executive Vice President, Otilla International
SHANNON CREADOI was pleasantly surprised with the structure of the show and had some very good meetings with the high-quality buyers here in BLTM. We had some interesting discussions and the opportunity to meet directly the corporate has also helped us a lot. We really look forward to participate in BLTM next year also.
Regional Director of Sales-India, Minor Hotels
BETTY REMEDIOSBLTM brought something very different to the industry and the fraternity because it was a mix of business and luxury travel which covered the segment that I was looking for. BLTM provided me with everything under one roof. I got to meet the buyers who are the decision makers. The sessions were also very interesting. It was a positive experience so I really look forward to the coming editions of BLTM.
Director of Sales & Marketing, Grand Hyatt Goa
PRAMOD KULKARNIBLTM was a very good platform to showcase our product for the first time to the buyers directly. The quality of the buyers was excellent. Direct decision makers were there with whom we were closing the deal directly. We met with more than 20 corporate and event planners and out of that we already materialised few leads. BLTM was a very good event and it should continue for long term basis.
Corporate Vice President, The Ambassador Group of Hotels

Speakers' Testimonials

TONIA SEHANBLTM is an excellent initiative, especially for MICE, incentive groups and from the corporate perspective. I think we have not had this kind of an event before. For suppliers like us from the hotel and travel industry, this was an important platform to network and to understand as to how we could take this forward.
Account Director, Outbound Marketing
SHARAD MATHURBLTM is a brilliant concept where buyers got a great opportunity to meet sellers from different destinations, hotels or tourism boards. I would like to thank BLTM for inviting me as one of the panellists. Such interactions, new innovative ideas and feedbacks will definitely help the industry to evolve. I hope BLTM turns out to be a 360 degree provider for the buyers in future.
Director, EMG Hospitality Pvt Ltd
NITIN SACHDEVABLTM was focused on the segment it intended to and being the first edition was good, however a change in the venue would really name a difference to the attendance. We will surely consider participating based on the next dates and venue along with the buyer database, so that we can take the approvals from our principals accordingly.
Executive Director, Venture Marketing
GAJESH GIRDHARBLTM is a very important endeavour being undertaken by Fairfest Media, the organisers of the show. This kind of a show concentrating on MICE was required in the market. The panel discussion was also very insightful where we focused on the emerging markets for MICE.
National Coordinator, Network of Indian MICE Agents
GOPINATH NAIRBLTM is a very good initiative. MICE is an industry that really needs to be nurtured and in terms of activities that coordinate MICE movements and education for upgrading skills in MICE. BLTM turned out to be a very good platform.
Founder & CEO, Tourism DNA
MANIKA JAINBLTM was a brilliant opportunity and we are happy that it was on home ground. We saw some great relevant conversations as well as good participation from the industry. We met some good corporate buyers at BLTM. This is definitely a show to watch out for the future.
Regional Vice President, Hyatt Sales Force
ARUN VARMAThe MICE industry in India is growing at a very fast pace. I expect this industry to be the fastest growing industry in the travel segment. The MICE session at BLTM was a very well-though-out session. I would like to congratulate the organisers and I think BLTM is heading the right way.
CEO, Allways Travels
SHAGUN DHAWANThe panel discussion on MICE at BLTM was really interesting. The speakers had good inputs to share and the audience was equally engaging. BLTM turned out as a very well managed show and we really wish it success for the coming years.
Head-Sales & Marketing, Krisia Holidays
GINNY KOHLIBLTM has nailed how business travel, MICE and weddings come together. An event like BLTM really makes a lot of sense in the market because a hotelier would want to position himself in MICE as well as in events. BLTM has come out at the right time as the wedding season is kicking in. The panel discussions were also very insightful and we were able to garner insights of how venues and destinations play a vital role in promotional activities.
Founder, WedWise
PARVIN DABASIt didn’t seem like BLTM was being organised for the first time. The event was really well organised, well laid out and well thought of. I hope you keep having this year after year and the show will keep doing a great job.
Managing Director, Monsoon Weddings
GAYATRI SEKHRII really enjoyed the session at BLTM where I got to network with people from the same industry. It was very educational for me. BLTM was a great event because it brought a lot of the industry players together.
Creative – Head, Pomegranate Events